Homecoming (Mudik) 2011

13 Jul

Homecoming is a culture in Indonesia of a long holiday season of religious day. and most of the Indonesia, whose live in the big city for working, do homecoming to their city where most of their family live.

Homecoming culture can help revenues flatten of Indonesian because usually people who does the homecoming activity, usually bring something for their family in the area they come. Moreover homecoming is not only bring positive effect for the city they come but also can give negative effect.

the negative effect of the homecoming culture is it can make long traffic jam in some place, beside that it can increase accident in the crowded place that is passed by the homecoming person. that way the government make some event to protect their citizen whose doing the homecoming culture, such as make a event of free transportation for them with some condition they must obey. beside the government some private company also make the same program like the government, although there is some different condition to obey.[set]


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