Revitalizing Bratang Terminal

14 Jun

Revitalizing of Bratang Terminal

Surabaya Transportation Department continues to improve quality of the service for the user of public transportation with “Revitalizing Terminals in Surabaya”. Terminal Bratang is one of the terminal which is going to be revitalizing by Surabaya Transportation Department. Terminal Revitalization Bratang agenda includes building shelters, making gardens and fountains, construction of ITS (Intelligent Transport System) and paving the area in Terminal Bratang. the aim of Revitalization Terminal Bratang is to creating environment-friendly terminals (Green terminals) and terminal service user comfort Bratang and anticipate the occurrence of flooding.

Surabaya transportation department cooperate with Surabaya city government through the department of cooperatives in order to create central street vendors. Design development center location of the new vendors are still waiting for the Town Planning Board (Bappeko) are planned to be realized in 2012.[set]


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Posted by on June 14, 2011 in Agenda, Bratang, surabaya


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